10 Benefits of Article Writing for Personal Trainers

10 Benefits of Article Writing for Personal Trainers

You’re a successful personal trainer that enjoys your job. You know your stuff and your clients always reach their targets and achieve their goals.

But at the back of your mind you wonder if you could do with a new challenge. You want to get your name known within a wider audience, mix it with the big players and make more money. And that’s natural for any driven person.

The solution? writing fitness articles.

Here are just a few benefits of writing your own blog or providing articles to external websites and online/print magazines.

#1. Industry authority

Writing high-quality articles helps you gain influence over a wider network of people and shows that you know more than the average trainer about your subject area.

You’ll show both existing and potential clients that you have a strong grasp of exercise science, and you’ll very quickly attract new people with similar interests to you to your writing.

#2. Drive more people to your web or social pages

Setting up your own blog helps to pull people to your site – either because you increase organic traffic or because you’re sharing your articles on social. Either way, writing good-quality articles is a great way to get people to land on your pages.

And once they’re there? You can tell them about yourself, link them to more articles or sell them your products and services! That means more take up on your online coaching, programmes, e-books and training.

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#3. You’ll make more money

It’s not uncommon for freelance fitness writers to be earning $100-500 per article, hitting $1,000 per 4,000 words or making big bucks in commissions and ghost writing contracts.

As you publish more and more frequently you can begin to value your worth and charge what you think is appropriate for your expertise. And once you’re hitting the big sites you’ll very quickly start getting people contact you directly asking you for contributions .

If that’s not for you then you can even consider affiliate advertising, product reviews that run alongside your blogs or setting up your own products such as exercise programmes or e-books.

#4. You’re technically a published author

Whether it’s a paid or a guest article, if someone reviews and publishes your work on their site you’re technically a published author in the fitness industry.

That in itself is great for your CV and it helps you to slowly but surely build a reputable and trustworthy business as a writer.

#5. Boost search engine rankings

It’s no coincidence that sites with lots of good articles appear higher up the search engine rankings than smaller sites with no content. And guess what? No one’s looking at your site if it’s on page 3 of Google.

Try it yourself – search for ‘personal trainer’. The first few pages are pretty much guaranteed to be choc-full of written content. Why? Because Google knows you’re not a spam page and you’re getting good engagement.

And in return it’ll reward you by pushing you up the search engine results pages. 

#6. You can plug products and services with a ‘call to action’

When you offer content to external websites they’ll generally let you plug one of your product on their site within your author bio. It’s a bit of a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ in that you offer them an article for free and in return they’ll help readers come directly to your page and see what you’re selling.

If it’s your own site you can pop them in wherever you want. It’s a great opportunity to tell people about your e-book, workout programs or coaching sessions. 

All good articles have a call to action in there somewhere. Free information is brilliant for so many reasons but ultimately you want to get a return on investment too.

Guess what… I’ve got a call to action at the bottom of this article too. As well as here…

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#7. You’re forced to keep your knowledge up to date

Reading and researching for articles and blogs forces you to keep up to date with the latest studies and research.

If you’re aiming for a good income from writing or to get your content on some of the more academic web pages then you’ll need to show a good understanding of training principles, scientific research methodology and optimal coaching strategies.

And that in itself will improve your PT sessions, your confidence and your overall success, not just in writing.

#8. It’s a good way to boost your email capture

Once readers are on your site you can offer them the chance to subscribe to future content. That means they’ll be constantly in the loop with your new articles, products and services.

Research shows that having a strong and regular email shot is great for building additional revenue. It has 10 times the conversion to sales than social media, and according to the Direct Marketing Association, email capture marketing on average sees a 4300% return on investment for businesses.

#9. Network with experts, idols and peers

From personal experience I’ve found this to be invaluable. In fact my biggest single commission to date came off the back off of one article I wrote on a plane to Budapest because I was bored and my phone battery had died. I’ve also been asked to talk at seminars because someone liked my content on a specific subject too.

Good writing opens doors and leads like-minded people to connect with you. It also helps you to make contact with them too.

#10. It builds trust

Okay, so you’ve set up a website. And on there all you’ve got is a list of your prices, maybe a bio and a cool photo of you with your arms crossed to make your biceps look bigger (I know, I do the same thing).

But what else? Probably nothing. Will visitors trust you if they don’t know you and your personality?

Probably not.

Having a wealth of lighthearted blogs or evidence-based articles helps the visitor to learn more about you, and what makes you tick as a trainer. And this makes them much more likely to contact you for training.

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As a personal trainer you want to make the most of the knowledge, skills and experience that you’ve acquired of many years. And why not?

Writing articles boosts your reach to wider audience; helping you to earn additional income, funnel potential clients to your sales pages and become an authority within your field.