25 Quick Tips for Muscle Building

25 Quick Tips for Muscle Building

Optimal muscle building and growth is the combination of hard work pieced together with knowledge of training and diet. The problem is though that there’s just so much information out there it can be difficult to zone in to the most important advice.

In order to help you cut out the ‘noise’ of muscle building advice, here few quick tips to help you build muscle and create a better, more athletic physique.

Muscle Building with Exercise Programming

  1. Base the majority of your lifting on compound movements – add ancillary/accessory movements to supplement them, not replace them
  1. Train like an assassin- get in, do the job, get out….no one will even know you were there
  1. Include exercises that you don’t like – unless injury dictates
  1. The best training program is the one you’re not doing- change your program regularly
  1. Record, track and compare results- ensure continued progression is made
  1. Perform full body sessions if you can’t get to the gym regularly enough to justify split training
  1. Train twice a day- if your lifestyle permits it
  1. Train each muscle twice a week – one ‘leg day’ a week will only provide you with the wheels of a teenager’s first car
  1. Get some rest- plan rest phases in advance and stick to them
  1. Reduce low intensity, steady state (LISS) CV work- if you must include cardio then make sure you HIIT it to retain lean muscle tissue
  1. Introduce daily undulating periodisation – use a variety of high and low rep schemes each session
  1. Train in different gyms and environments- it forces you to think, learn from others and adapt your training


Muscle Building with Nutrition and Lifestyle

  1. Keep your net protein up- pulse 20g of protein every 3-4 hours. Overall, you should aim for ~2g per kg body weight per day.
  1. Take creatine for enhanced strength, cell volumization and nitrogen retention
  1. Get the carbs in- particularly during intense training phases
  1. Achieve a calorie surplus- whilst you can add muscle in a deficit, additional calories will maximize results
  1. Sleep…..a lot – add naps as well if your lifestyle permits it
  1. Eat a protein rich breakfast, particularly if you train early morning- this will assist in keeping a positive net protein level


Muscle Building with Training Protocols

  1. Be honest with yourself- only include advanced training protocols if you are at an advanced standard
  1. Use short rest periods- whilst research may be somewhat inconclusive regarding short rests and anabolic process triggering, it will ensure your sessions are timed, strict and productive
  1. Change lifting tempo- whilst excessively long ‘time under tension’ may be questionable, focusing on removing any elastic component from your lifting will increase mechanical tension through the muscle
  1. Be aware of range of motion- train predominantly through a full range of motion, but ensure you include isometrics for a big anabolic response, as well as attention to sticking points and weaknesses
  1. Lift big and fast- fatigue those stubborn high-threshold motor units by adding elements of high load and speed
  1. Focus on avoiding muscular failure , but achieving fatigue with as much volume as the training protocol permits
  1. Strive for perfection- Good technique is paramount when adding challenging loads