Guest Articles and Publications

One of my genuine interests is writing about things that I’m passionate about – the wider the audience, the better.

Here is a collection of some of the articles I’ve written for other websites.

TNation: January 2018: “DNA Gains: The Right Exercise for Longevity”

TNation: December 2017: “How to Build Period Strength”

Muscle and Strength: October 2017: “Boost Your Fat Loss with Strongman Training”

Bach Performance: September 2017: “Why Fitspiration Sucks”

Ultimate Performance: August 2017: “The Menstrual Cycle: Nutrition, Training and Fat Loss”

Elitefts: August 2017: “High-Density Training for Fat Loss and Conditioning”

Sigma Nutrition: August 2017: “Could Creatine Be an Effective Treatment for Age-Related Loss of Muscle?”

Complete Human Performance: May 2017“The Female  Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports”

MyFitnessPal: April 2017 – ” How Building Muscle Boosts Fat Loss” (Interview)

Bach Performance: March 2017 – “Weights Room Battle of The Sexes”

Complete Human Performance: Dec 2016 – “Considerations for Female Strength Training”

Breaking Muscle: Oct 2016“Machines Still Build Muscles”

SportsArt: September 2016 – “The Purple Warrior: Do You Beet Yourself” 

Breaking Muscle: Aug 2016 – “Heat Shock Proteins: Science’s Secret to Muscle Building

SportsArt: Aug 2016“9 Tips for Muscle Growth”

SportsArt: May 2016 – “15 Tips for Weaponized Arms”

Amaven: March 2016: “The Rise of the Anywhere Workout” (Interview)