How Building Muscle Boosts Fat Loss

How Building Muscle Boosts Fat Loss

Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more research on the benefits of strength training. And as an industry we are now at a point where building muscle is a priority in many people’s training programs.

Not only has building more muscle been found to improve athletic performance, maximal strength and power production; it’s also been found to improve health too. And now everyone from young children to our older generation are beginning to see the many benefits that the iron game offers.

You’ve long heard that intriguing rumor about how lifting weights and building muscle burns fat. It’s not just wishful thinking: Science supports this sweet-sounding promise. But still, it’s a bit tricky to fully understand exactly how pumping iron battles the bulge. Here’s our crack at explaining it — with the help of fitness experts, of course.

In this MyFitnessPal article I was interviewed as an expert contributor by New York writer and editor Cristina Goyanes about my thoughts on the benefit of muscle building on fat loss. And whilst it may seem as obvious as ‘it’s a calorie burner’, there’s actually a lot more to it than that.

The article looks at how building muscle can ramp up your basal metabolic rate, improve insulin sensitivity and regulate a number of fat fighting hormones. The article also includes my view on the best fat burning workouts. I’ve included an explanation and information about escalating density training as well peripheral heart action training for this very reason.

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