Fitness Writer Online Program

Are you a health and fitness professional looking to make money from your expert knowledge?

Are you wanting to get your ideas, expertise and opinions over to a wider audience and really start to make a difference to your authority within the industry, your income and your network?

Then you want to be a professional fitness writer… and you’re in the right place.

In a world of online social connection, fitness writing has never been as popular. With an endless amount of websites looking for paid and guest articles you’ve got a whole host of people eager to read what you write.

And as a fitness expert you’re in a prime position to give people what they want.

If you’re looking for extra income or want to write professionally, or are just looking for a guide on how best to write for your own blog, then The Muscle Mechanic Professional Fitness Writer Online Program is for you.

Okay. Tell me more…

This program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to enter the wonderful world of article writing.

My program takes you through every important step. That includes everything from how to choose topic areas, formulate emotive titles and how to construct articles that are both engaging and evidence-based.

It tells you exactly how to write high-quality blogs and articles.

That might seem pretty straightforward but consider this… when you write, do you know exactly how to get your message across to your audience in a way that shows knowledge, but doesn’t come across like a boring assignment?

Do you know how to use ‘readability’ scoring systems like Flesch? Exactly how many words your articles need to be classed as ‘long-form content’? Or where and how to use keywords and other SEO optimization tools?

If you answered no to any of these questions then read on. If you answered yes for everything then this isn’t for you.

What else?

You’ll be shown all of the common rookie writer mistakes and how to avoid them.

That means you’ll not be block text writing. You’ll not be missing out your transition words and you’ll not be missing an opportunity to put internal and external website links into your text.

Hell, I’ll even show you where on the internet to find your own images and avoid copyright issues – a big pitfall in rookie writing…

…all in all you’ll be taught how to be a bad ass in the fitness writing world.

And finally all of your articles will be fact checked, formatted and edited by me – a fitness writer and editor with a track record of over 400 paid fitness articles and also academic, peer-reviewed publication.

So where do we start? Well, it makes sense to look at the benefits first. Here’s exactly why you should be considering writing as a fitness professional.

The benefits of article and blog writing

#1. Industry authority – writing high-quality articles helps you gain influence within a wide network and shows that you know more than the average trainer and coach about your subject area.

#2. Drive people to your social pages – setting up your own blog pulls people to your site. And once they’re there? You sell them your products and services! That means more take up on your online coaching, programs and training.

#3. Income – it’s not uncommon to be earning $100-500 per article once you’re hitting the big sites (and hey, I know which ones we can aim for if this is what you’re after!)

#4. You’re technically a ‘published author’ – whether it’s a paid or a guest article, if someone reviews and publishes your work on their site you’re technically a published author in the fitness industry.

#5. Boost google rankings and site traffic – it’s no coincidence that websites with lots of good articles appear higher up the Google rankings than smaller sites with no content. And guess what? No one’s looking at your site if it’s on page 2 of Google.

#6. Plug products and services as a ‘call to action’ – most websites will let you plug one of your product on their site if you write for them. A great opportunity to tell people about your e-book, workout programs or coaching sessions.

And that’s not even scratching the surface!!

How long is the program?

It’s as long as it needs to be. You’ll be given set reading, research and homework tasks that follow a logical sequence. Once you’ve completed your tasks you’ll be sent the next one.

You’ll continue in this way until you complete all of the tasks and submit your first article for publication.

Here’s a summary of the content:

  1. What are you writing about and why?
  2. Choosing an emotive title and how to use title checker tools
  3. Writing style – who are you writing for and how do you get your message across?
  4. Writing an effective introduction – grab the reader by the balls and don’t let go
  5. What is SEO and how do you get Google to like your articles
  6. How to use the right images in your articles (and where to find them without getting your ass sued)
  7. Support in setting you up on agency websites as a freelance writer

…and much, much more.

What support will you get?

  • Unlimited support via email, calls and live edits where we edit your article together
  • Unlimited edits of your first article
  • Support in publishing your work on your own site or external sites
  • Discount on all future article editing for life

What The Writers Think

A testimonial from Sam Wake

 Written testimonial from Liam Howells

 I’m in. What next?

So now you’ve decided that you want to boost your income and be a fitness writing ninja all you need to do is contact me to discuss the cost.

It’s very much based on your credential, knowledge and whether you want to write better for your own site or hit some high-end paid content and make a career out of it.

Email me at to get started.